Workshops and Tutoring

The Rutgers-Camden Learning Center (RCLC) hosts a series of academic support videos as well as provides live online tutoring for interested students. These services are available to ALL students designated as off campus despite your program affiliation. 


Live online tutoring sessions are by appointment only and will need to be made by 5pm the day prior the desired date. To schedule an appointment for a live online tutoring session please visit the Camden Learning Center Appointment Scheduler. You will need login using your netid/password. If you have any trouble accessing the site please consult the Manager of Academic Programs at you location.


If you already made an appointment, simply login to your tutoring session appointment.


Time Management & Avoiding Procrastination, Dr. Ciervo, Director of the RCLC

Learn about why students often procrastinate and the tips to overcome this competing behavior.  Find out about specific techniques to maximize your time through term, weekly and daily planning activities that will allow you to realize your academic goals.



Writing a Great Research Paper, Michelle Paisley, RCLC Specialist

This video focuses on how to write a great research paper. Topics covered include how to effectively research a topic, tips on solid introductions and conclusions, a guide on structuring body paragraphs, and how to write cohesive transition sentences. Youtube video


Fore more videos like the one posted above, please visit the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center website.