Thank you for your interest in Rutgers University's Off Campus Programs.

Students who wish to pursue a Rutgers University degree at an off campus location must meet all the admissions criteria of the university.  Review the instructions for your program before starting your application. Admission to the Rutgers Off Campus Programs can be on a full or part-time basis.

NOTE: You must select the campus where you will be taking classes to be enrolled in that program.

Campus Selection

Choose the Off Campus Program where you will be attending classes. Click image to expand.

Click here for directions to apply for admissions to Off Campus Programs. 

On your application you will be asked to give your choice of schools. (See example image on the right).

The community college where you are attending classes determines the school (Rutgers' academic division or unit) that you will enroll with.    Select the appropriate community college partner as your "School Choice" and then choose the major you wish as your "Academic Interest".  Please note: enrolling in the wrong school may result in your being enrolled in or wait listed for the wrong program.

A full preview of the undergraduate application is available on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

The "Apply Online" links below bring you to the appropriate Rutgers admissions web sites for undergraduate and graduate studies, and explain how to complete the application process.


Students must transfer with an associate's degree, and/or junior status, to complete their baccalaureate degree through Rutgers University's off-campus programs.


Students interested in pursuing graduate studies must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.