Rutgers internships are educational experiences which provide the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the work place, expand professional skills, test out career choices, earn money and/or academic credit.

Still not convinced? Visit Rutgers Career Services to review the Guide to Internships.

Internships provided by Camden

Open to Political Science & Liberal Studies only

The Rutgers-Camden e-Internship Course is by permission of instructor(s) at the Rutgers-Camden Career Center.  This course is open to matriculated students in the Rutgers-Camden College of Arts & Sciences and satellite campuses. Please click here for more information.

Business students may be eligible as per Dean Levinson (

Internships provided by New Brunswick

Open to Labor Studies students only

Arranged by Amy Marchitto  (

Labor Studies internships are open to Labor Studies majors/minors only. Internships provide students with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and explore a variety of career paths. To learn more about Labor Studies internship programs please click here

The department also provides access to a variety of online tools and portals including Career Knight.

Internships provided by Newark

Open to Social Work students only

Arranged by Jeffery Slater (

Social Work internships are a built in component to the program competencies. All Social Works majors are expected to complete supervised internship(s) during their junior/senior field work. Additional information also found in Field Education Manual.

Open to Journalism students only

An internship in Journalism and Media Studies is a highly recommended experience for majors. For those who have demonstrated superior skill in their field; work at least one day a week at a newspaper, magazine, broadcasting station, or public relations firm. Evaluation by staff executives of the participating organization. Open to advanced Journalism students only.