Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Provided through the University College—Camden

Undergraduate - BA in Liberal Studies

A strength and attraction of the Liberal Studies major are the many options it provides for students to pursue a course track that is both personally interesting and professionally appealing. Majors learn to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Students who pursue the a degree in Liberal Studies are qualified for various roles in business, social/human services, education, government, and other such fields.

Liberal Studies is a unique program within University College—Camden that provides students the opportunity for interdisciplinary studies in a small classroom settings. The program offers a broad range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, the social sciences, and the arts. This interdisciplinary major in liberal studies is specifically designed for students who transfer to University College-Camden with an Associates in Applied Science degree.

Students enrolling in the Rutgers Off Campus partnership program may transfer with the A.A or A.S. degree in addition to the A.A.S., without the loss of credits. Adult students who already have attained significant technical and applied skills, and who now wish to pursue their education in the liberal arts, can obtain a bachelor's degree through this program.

Students at select locations may apply for a dual degree program to earn a Bachelors and Masters in Liberal Studies concurrently. 


More information is available below, and on the Rutgers–Camden University College website.



Download the Curriculum Worksheet for the Liberal Studies program (PDF)