Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

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Provided through the Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences–New Brunswick

Undergraduate - BA in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice careers can be exciting, rewarding and offer many opportunities for advancement. The field of criminal justice is growing rapidly, but education is key to getting hired or moving up in the field. Majoring in criminal justice opens the door to a wide variety of career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

The School of Criminal Justice has been recognized as among the leading programs in the field. Over the years, our faculty have made signal contributions to criminal justice policy and criminological theory, and our graduates have taken their places among the most productive and well-respected scholars in the field. Today, studies show that we continue to rank among the top criminal justice programs nationwide.

The program in Criminal Justice is a comprehensive interdisciplinary program that blends a strong liberal arts education experience with pre-professional instruction in the field of criminal justice. The program provides students with a rich understanding of crime and criminal justice in the United States and abroad. Graduates of the program are well-informed citizens on the subject of crime and justice, and are qualified for graduate study or for employment as practitioners in a variety of legal, policy-making, and law enforcement areas.


A minor is required with this major. All students must declare a minor while in the Criminal Justice major.


Students with an earned associate's degree in Criminal Justice from any accredited community college are eligible to apply to the Criminal Justice program.  Specific pre-requisite courses may be required, please consult the Manger of Academic Programs at Freehold before applying.


Download the Curriculum Worksheet for the Criminal Justice program (PDF)